Ethical Issues in The 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie

Group Report

Technology is progressing every single day. We have arrive so far before ten years. Think about life in 2054, and what existence will be like. That is what Philip K. Dick do in 1956 when he had written the short story Group Report, which was later developed as a motion picture. In the video Minority Survey, a staff of officers led by John Anderson (Tom Cruise), work together inside the precime section. They accumulate information provided by precogs to find murder suspects and victims before the criminal offense actually takes place. Precogs happen to be three individuals that were delivered with a human brain disease. This brain disease affected other folks but these three are the only ones who have survived. The illness caused several mutation and that mutation allowed them to discover into the future simply by dreaming. The information they get from the precogs is gone through by Anderson, looking for hints that will let them know where the crime is going to take place. The location with the crime may be the only aspect not provided by the precogs. When the location is determined, Anderson and the precrime team rush to the location to stop the crime from happening and arrest the criminal to get the " future crime”.

The movie opens which has a victim and suspect term, and the day and time of the criminal offenses. The 1st suspect is definitely Howard, plus the victim is definitely his partner Sarah. Apparently Sarah has become having an affair and Howard discovers. Anderson experiences all of the images of the criminal offense and determines that he knows in which the crime is likely to take place. The team rushes presently there and stops the criminal offense seconds before the scheduled moments of the homicide. They quit the offense and arrest the believe.

This act of arresting people before the crime is usually committed seems to be a serious honest issue. Certainly the criminal offenses is seen through the images from the precogs, but the title with the movie is usually Minority Report. A group report is usually when among the precogs' visions is different in the other two. Usually normally the one produced...