at the different poems

POEMS ESSAY How the 3 different poems represent institution:


Schools… all are diverse. Some trigger happy other folks terrifying thoughts. All over the world university is seen in another way, in some places it is just a place of wisdom and ponder, and in others a place of fear. There are many views towards school and yet non-e will be wrong or right. They are merely views. The three poetry " The very first day of School”, " Back in the Playground Blues” and " The Lesson” all have one main thing in common… they all speak about the bad points of school. The writers refer to the bullying, corporal punishment and anxieties that they may have experienced during their childhood. Passage 1:

In " in the Playground Blues” Adrian Mitchell refers back to all the anxieties that he had on " The Eradicating Ground. ” He covers the innocent being teased for no reason: " Well you have it for being several,

And you get it for being dark-colored,

Get it internet marketing chicken,

And you simply get it pertaining to fighting backside,

You obtain it for being big and fat,

You get it for being small ,

Oh individuals who get it, get it and get it

For any really thing in all”

He tells us that whatever one does and whomever you are people will always find a reason to put you down. The poem makes us aware that these things do happen, that other universities might not have too behaved kids. In the university he covers, bullies have taken over the recreation space as " Rulers from the Killing Ground” " At times they take a beetle, tear off its six thighs one by simply one……… Yet a beetle can't plead for more, a beetle's not really half the fun” With this passage with the poem Adrian Mitchell explains to all of us how the bullies would rather frighten a child, pleading for whim and interesting them with their pleas, compared to a bug that can't discuss or show its soreness. He highlights the impression by the way that he explains the playground:

" Well the play ground was 3 miles...