A teacher should all time maintain his grace

Responding to the class using a friendly smiling face

As being a decent yet lively person can teach

And a stern looking guy can only preach

Yes, yes, yes deserving Mr. Leader and respected audience, teaching especially to the young ones is not just a child's play. It requires a lot of endurance, intelligence and psychological expertise. A demanding, strict and sever gentleman with a serious face makes only a bad teacher. In case the teacher can be harsh, rapide and malicious the students will come to him unwillingly and try to play truant the moment they obtain a chance but if he or she is friendly, sympathetic and sort hearted, they will feel enjoyment, solace and pleasure in his or her company and whenever they are generally not at school or school, will be desperate to see him.

Dear Mr. President, a sweet tongue has a magical effect on many people. The nice tongue attracts the attention with the students and they remain completely attentive and receptive to the teaching at all times. On the other hand in the event that teacher's words is harsh and unfriendly, it will make the students weary, disappointed and Inattentive. The holy forecaster of Islam told that he was dispatched as a educator and that he was proud of his being a tutor. God Almighty says towards the holy prophet (s. a. w) that if he previously been hard at heart, the folks would have not stayed with him and fled away from him. It was the magical effect of his young heart, lovely tongue and friendly tendencies that his teachings pass on all over the world very quickly.

My lovely Mr. Director and kind hearted audience, a friendly, kind and inspiring attitude is definitely the secret of effective and successful instructing. It makes the teacher preferred and the learners successful. In case the teacher is usually friendly and kind by nature, he could be a given birth to teacher yet unfortunately if perhaps he does not possess these kinds of qualities he or she must try to make them by his personal attempts. One thing should be kept in mind the teacher must be friendly although never a pal....