Intercultural Communication

Ms. Küpper (Group E)

Bonn, 23 June 2013

Composition: Case Study

Mr. G's organization was planning a major international congress in foreign countries, but the conversation through emails and other efforts with the regional organizers was almost impossible or perhaps late. A number of agenda and lists had been passed over. Mr. G felt frustrated about the situation assigning the companies finances to this task without having adequate facts. After several weeks Mr. G became mindful what the counterpart has designed for the agenda and he was amazed and concerned regarding the in depth and lengthy business dishes and social trips with no information or perhaps expenditures, knowing that the companies finances is limited. Asking for more information, the local organizer with the counterpart ignored Mr. G's requests, however, solicitation to schedule an appointment the boss, was rejected due to demands and nonexistent importance. At the conclusion of the conference Mr. G was astonished in the positive way, that the conference finally was a total success. So why were the communication as well as the procedure of organizing the conference between two get-togethers so different? According to the theory of Edward T. Lounge is this, a classical sort of monochronic and polychronic civilizations. In polychronic cultures similar to the example of the location, time is usually flexible. It can be accepted to complete various things at once, daily activities and organization meals were extended at the pleasant way or laid, and social events will probably be organized without consultation. Also communication, by means of emails similar to the sort of Mr. G, is never enjoyable with people from this tradition, because of the different meaning of time. Time can be wasted rather than taken seriously because it can be changed in just a few seconds; they have a constant state of flux. Planned events or perhaps plans could be discarded or changed instantly. They connect to several consumers at once, and are also entangled with each other. Arranging dates therefore is incredibly...