Balance of Payment of Malaysia Article

Letter of Transmittal

21st January, 2012.

Dr . M. Masud Rahman


Faculty of Organization Studies

Department of Finance,

University of Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of Report in " Stability of Payment on Malaysia”.


This is actually the report in " Balance of Repayment on Malaysia” that you have asked us to conduct. To organize this survey we had to focus on the balance of payment of Malaysia. We tried to reveal the trend of various accounts that make the balance of payment from it. We as well tried to bring out the movements of foreign exchange and the likely reasons on this movement. We thank you very much intended for giving us the opportunity to work with this statement which added value to our learning method. We tried out our far better to prepare this kind of report problem free. Virtually any query about the report will probably be appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Nadira Parvin

On behalf of Group-11,

M. M. A. twelfth Batch,

Teachers of Organization Studies

Department of Finance

University or college of Dhaka.


In the distinct steps of preparing this report, we wish to give thanks to our course tutor Dr . M. Masud Rahman for featuring us correct guidelines to arrange the report. We also thank him, for assigning us this sort of a practical report that has enhanced our knowledge from different aspects.

Firstly we want to give our due to almighty Allah for the timely completion of this statement. To execute this statement, we have got support from your course trainer. So , our special thank you go to the course trainer Dr . Meters. Masud Rahman. We got huge support from charlie and without his support it was very difficult for all of us to write this kind of a report.


The prep of this record is a dependence on the training course on " Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management”. Doctor M. Masud Rahman, mentor of Finance Department at Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who is also the course trainer of " Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management”, provides assigned all of us a report regarding Balance of Payment of Malaysia. This report has been assigned for the students of MBA 12th group.


The primary objective of the study may be the partial satisfaction of the program requirement. The key objectives of the report are as follows: To satisfy the incomplete requirement of the course " Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management” are available MBA software. The security purpose of this report is to acquire the knowledge of Balance of Payment, Forex trading movement of your country. It will also enable us to improve each of our skills about report composing. As corporate executive set great worth on report writing while an important aspect in management success, this section of the course is going to prepare us to face the future challenges of corporate world. It will also support us to develop our deductive capability.


Processing of information:

Data has been processed with the help of Microsoft company Excel.

Evaluation of Data:

Info are analyzed and interpreted using various analytical approaches and different synthetic software. All of us also use numerous statistical equipment for analysis.

Limitations of the report

Difficulties limitations experienced are:

The main limitation of the study is a limited data which are not adequate to analysis effectively. Lack of period.

Lack of knowledge is another restriction.

Business Summary

This report is around Balance of Payment of Malaysia. The overall BOP position of Malaysia remained in a debt for the entire year 2010. Inside the first section of the report the economic current condition of Malaysia continues to be discussed. Malaysia is a growing country which has a satisfactory development rate in Asia area. The country contains a good economical relation with many countries in the world. So the current condition of balance of payment is very much important for a country like Malaysia. In the survey the overall harmony of repayment situation of Malaysia has been discussed combined with condition...


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