Report pertaining to: Ford motor company

Title: Economics as well as the Business World

Day: 20th January 2012


Table of content


1) PESTLE Analysis

2) BP Industry Structure

1 . 0 Introduction

I am an economist that has lately joined Honda motor organization, and I have been asked to compile a written report to investigating the PESTEL factors which will ford are or have recently been faced with and identifying their particular main issue. This report will also provide a detailed seem on the market framework within ford and this operations, and explore the impact it areas on the efficiency of the firm. Finally the report can make a bottom line based on all the findings.

2 . 0 Short history of the corporation

Henry Ford founded theВ Ford Motor Organization, currently the third largest carmaker in the world, with the Dodge Siblings in 1903. Whilst Henry Ford has been building motor vehicles ahead of this, 1903 is the year when he, supported by twelve investors, established the famous company. Ford's first cars were known as chronologically with letters: the model A was released in 1903 one example is. In 1904 Ford launched the world well-known T Unit that was to become a symbol of the American motorcar industry. Ford Engine CompanyВ continued to expand overseas, looking for additional possibleВ investments. More than three decades ago they bought a quarter of the Japanese carmaker Mazda, in 1987 Kia bought Aston Martin and 1989 Ford acquired Yaguar. In 1999 Honda acquired Volvo and Property Rover in 2000. In 2003В Ford Engine CompanyВ celebrated the 100th birthday and this introduced a series of special commemorative cars, such as theВ new Kia Mustang. Inside the recent years Ford has encountered some financial problems (the company reported losses of over $12 billion pertaining to the 2006 fiscal year) that generated the advertising of some of the brands from your Ford group: Aston Matn, Jaguar and Land Rover. В AsВ gas pricesВ in the United States always soar theВ Ford Motor CompanyВ will need to come up with current...