Essay about Eating, Drug abuse, SexGenderSexual, Instinct Control, and Personality Disorders

Running head: Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Behavioral instinct Control, and Personality Disorders Paper and Matrix

Ingesting, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Impulse Control, and Character Disorders

PSY 410

March 1, 2012

Kristi Isle, PhD

Disorders come in a large number of forms and can affect those who find themselves afflicted with them in more methods than dreamed of. They affect us in the biological, mental, cognitive, and behavioral areas of our lives and can hinder how we live. In this paper we will examine the natural, emotional, intellectual, and behavioral components of consuming, substance abuse, sex/gender/sexual, and persona disorders.


Eating Disorder

Anoresia or bulimia consist of Voracidad Nervosa, Beoing underweight Nervosa, Binge Eating, and Addictive Over Eating. Biologically if an individual is struggling with one of these disorders he or she is wreaking havoc in the or her bodies. An individual, who is bulimic will eat large amounts of food and purge that from their system, as a result resulting in the body not able to absorb any nutrients. A person who is anorexic will probably be in a continuous state of fear of turning into overweight thus he or she can starve him or their self. A person who is definitely binge eating or perhaps compulsively overeating will take in large amounts of food that there human body does not need (Eating Disorders, 2012). Substance Abuse

The biological facets of substance abuse is a excessive use of inserting international chemicals in the body, which excess is usually not normally good for the entire body. The use of a material is considered misuse when the person using the material becomes based upon it and maintains using the substance actually after he / she realize it can be causing her / him problems. To work with alcohol for example, when ingesting large quantities of liquor either overindulge drinking or perhaps excessive ingesting we are carrying out damage to our bodies (Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency, d. d. ). Sexual Malfunction and Deviance

There are many types of this disorder consisting of disorders of desire, disorders of excitement or sexual arousal, disorders of orgasm phase, and sexual soreness disorders. Biologically these have different adverse effects and all can hinder and adversely affect the sex lives. Symptoms either stop the initiation of sex or the completion of the sex work, or that they interfere with fulfillment derived from love-making (Sexual Complications, 2012).

Character disorder

A personality disorder is a type of mental disease in which he or she has trouble perceiving and concerning situations also to people often. Personality disorders are generally placed into three independent categories based upon the different qualities that they show. These are individuality disorders seen as odd, eccentric thinking or behavior and include: Paranoid personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Schizotypal persona disorder. They are personality disorders characterized by remarkable, overly psychological thinking or behavior and can include: Antisocial (formerly called sociopathic) personality disorder, Borderline persona disorder, Histrionic personality disorder, and Narcissistic personality disorder. These are personality disorders seen as anxious, scared thinking or perhaps behavior including: Avoidant persona disorder, Centered personality disorder, and Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (Personality Disorders, 2010). Emotional

Eating Disorder

Typically the psychological aspects of what is causing these disorders are what continue to fuel them. Individuals suffering will probably be in fear of gaining weight and feel the need to stop eating completely or consume large amounts of food and purge that from their program. When binge or over ingesting the person feeds on large amounts of food to comfort or perhaps compensate for his / her negative feelings. This of course , any of these functions will provide anybody afflicted with a temporary sense of comfort is usually replaced once again by a unfavorable thinking or...

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