Dissertaion Composition

-Discussed PEST, SWOT, Market Potential

-Value string given

- Do review on BrandName

-Check Company Essence

- Research in Supply sequence

- SWOT is fine

-Show the key shows of Study

-Show the financials on the PPT also

- Complete the Financials


The emerging celebrity...

Submitted by simply: FMG-3

Group – 7

Anjali saini

Kajal Bhuwania

Ruchi Lagu

Organization idea

The Indian girls of 21st century are not backwards than some other woman worldwide. She is growing herself everyday whether their sports, scholars, business or fashion. Today's Indian women now want to be independent and live her life with her individual values, not really overpowered simply by men. Possibly after becoming so open-minded and motivated by western culture, these types of women will be connected to their particular Indian beginnings, their tradition. For these bold, strong- will certainly powered, driven women, we intend to provide an clothes brand with which they will call and make an impact wherever they go.

Although there will be foreign styling towards the garments, there will be a feel of Indianess in the garments through small detail like embroidery, classic buttons etc .

The formal wear now could be becoming more simple day by day. Extremely suits and salwars and sarees are worn by Indian girls after the regarding 30 years but with more affect of american culture fashionable is changing. Our goods will be made to cater to the needs of the customers we. e. being in typical western workwear yet being connected too the culture. The products could be worn since workwear and evening wear also.

Shopping has ceased to be considered a routine, doldrums activity. It really is perceived and experienced being a pleasurable and relaxing moment. Shoppers especially women, enjoy engaging themselves in this activity. Most women will be ‘bargain-seekers'. Whether it be India and also the West. Your woman, with her alert mind can see through the new developments, display from the products and ofcourse most importantly, the ‘PRICE'. In spite of no goal to buy, the lady usually winds up being the ‘impulse shopper' of the relatives. It is opined that though men generate a one period big purchase, which may be equal to a woman browsing store two times, she is the ‘Most Important Customer (MVC) who searches for Life Time Worth (LTV)'.

This is the objective of the brand we. e. to make a emotional connect with the clients which others are not able to perform and to let them have ‘Value to get money' because of their every buy.

Income opportunity

For the upper middle category the new mantra is the ‘cash is king' slogan. It truly is this category that this make of formal use seeks to focus on, the class that recognizes the value of formal wear at function places, is usually not spoilt for choice, has a taste for brands, is ready to try the " fresh and different " and is trying to find value for money instead of being just brand devoted. By slotting the brand as well as the products with this clear developed market niche, each of our brand seeks to rise up the worth chain. Initially it hopes to position by itself as a new " value for money " company and then wrestle with the leaders to 1st compete with them and then sink into the market with aggressive point of sales and advertising backed up by a careful mix of pricing and positioning as the product and brand enters, settles and matures with time.

According to analyze there is enormous opportunity with this segment. A number of the major brands in women function wear happen to be Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Wills Life-style, Loui Phillip, etc . which usually all started with men's formal have on. There is no sole brand in India which caters to just women's have on sector intended for work have on. Some of the study analysis answers are as follows:

* Clothes market around. Rs 40, 000 crore

* Structured market- Rs 12, 1000 cr

5. Accessories- Rs 2, 500 cr

5. Urban human population of India – 297million

* 27% of females in downtown India are utilized

* India has planet's largest number of skillfully qualified girls

* Ladies wear segment-31. 7 % share in apparel market

* Share of...


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