Phase 7

7. 1 System Design

7. 1 . one particular Entity-Relationship Picture

Fig. 7. 1 . 1 Database version

On the figure above, the table " item_description” is made up of information about the products in the products on hand. This is where the info for new things will be stored and upgrading of information of existing products takes place. Notice that, the stand " critical_items” has only two credit which is " status” that identifies the critical item if it is low or not. The " transaction” desk is in which the system shops data with regards to individual deal while " item_trans” table focuses on list of items as well as its total cost.

7. 2 System Function

7. 2 . 1 Physical Data Movement Diagram

Fig. 7. 2 . 1 Physical DFD

The program mainly consists of functions for sales and inventory management. A customer orders an item plus the system investigations the products on hand by interacting with the learn item stand. New items can be added by the supervision and the expert item record is updated as such. A procedure computes the total price for the items purchased by using the type from the consumer and data(prices) from the products on hand master desk. After the transaction, receipt will be given to the customer and both inventory record and sales record happen to be updated. In the event the system detects any item to become at crucial level, a notification will be sent to the management.

six. 2 . two User Interface

Fig. 7. 2 . 2 . you Main Menu

This is the program where the customer has access to all function of the system (Fig. several. 2 . installment payments on your 1). The very first thing that will show up when the end user runs the device is the press button with a text of " V”. When the user clicks the " V” button the five buttons and upon pressing the products on hand and report button their very own sub products will also appear and when the consumer clicks one of those buttons (Point of Sales, View Products on hand, Update Products on hand, Add Inventory, Critical Products, View Product sales Report, and View Inventory report) the visibility of all buttons will be disabled after which the desired kind of the user will be on the grey space....