Instructor Anderson

Biology 132

29 Apr 2013

Nutrition Portfolio Task

The three items I have learned from this class are the several classifications of vitamins (fat and water-soluble) and the need for each supplement. This course empowered me to find out about the vitality nutrients; Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein, and Alcoholic beverages. Although, liquor isn't considered to be a nutrient because it decreases the body's progress, maintenance, and repair. Likewise the Renal Diet, in the class display assignment. Diet programs are used to become very essential and also assistance with the treatment process. Some of the personal nutritional behaviors I learned that I may appearance and feel healthy, yet I'm really not eating healthy. After getting introduced to this diet Analysis System using the My personal Plate Information, I realized that I really ought to watch what I eat on a regular basis. I was ingesting way too many clear calories (165%) and healthy proteins (120%). My spouse and i started to minimize the soft drink beverages, and eating fewer sweets since snacks. Also, I added more embryon and diary to my meals simply by drinking even more milk, including the flavor alternative milks instead of a soda pop. I could anticipate to see my well being improve simply by keep recording my daily food intake and stick to the My own Plate recommendations. I really enjoyed learning strategies to improve my own health and ways of eating. This school gave me an actuality check regarding my diet plan and the importance of balancing my personal daily diet to live a much better eating lifestyle. As considerably lecture, I do believe using the PowerPoint slides was very beneficial to me within the exams, instead of writing on a regular basis to take records. My disapprovals about the course was the lack of course participation and possible activities during course for us to interact even more as a school.