Manufacturing Method Flow to get Sanitaryware

Ceramic Processing

Ceramic undergoes through certain operations which are:

* selected processes that are:

2. Slip Prep & Glaze Making

* Spreading & Blow drying

* Double glazed

* Firing

* Inspection, Repairing, Re-firing & Packaging

1 . Slip Preparation and Glaze over Making:

To get the fall preparation the raw materials are mixed with normal water as per the requirement. Proper structure along with the adequate amount of water then simply gets filled to the ball mills for grinding.

Glaze is a glasslike, multi-ingredient, silicate thin level, which sticks to to the surface of ceramic body. As well as sprayed upon dry body by manual or programmed spraying approach, which after firing creates smooth, smooth, and surface area with gorgeous color and luster. And so properties of glaze have got large effect on top quality of products. Generally ball milling is used to arrange glaze.

2 . Casting and Drying:

Slide is solid into plastsorter moulds. As a result of absorption and water persona of porous moulds, a level thin coating gets produced on the surface area which becomes thicker over time. When a wanted thickness can be arrived, excessive slip can be poured out. Finally the layer continue to be retract by de-watering leading to the low body. Prior to next process, all items need to be dried up to a low water content to increase the durability of human body, which is called blow drying.

3. Glazing:

There are many glazing methods such as spraying glaze, dipping glaze, pouring glaze, brushing glaze over etc . Hygienic wares are generally adopted spraying glaze approach because huge volume difficult shape, low strength of body. Spraying glaze may be manual glazing or programmed glazing. Manual glazing is carried out in a presentation area with enough de-dust assembly, and automatic glaze spraying is done around the conveying seatbelt.

4. Shooting:

These sprayed clay wares are after that taken to the kiln intended for firing. As a result the systems will take place a...