Quintin Anthony

English 096


Newspaper #3 Ballerina

Ian Eastwood is one of the most adaptable dancers around. The best areas of his moving are emotion, speed and agility. His dances on YouTube are really amazing. One of his dance movies I really loved is called, Ian_Eastwood Choreography| " fall" | @justinbieber. That to replicate his dancing ability. It shows a whole lot of his skills, including his ability to use move to show the emotions from the song. His viewers observe some emotion and certainty in Ian's dancing and choreography when he dances and pours his heart in to the song. His bowed head and dried meats arm actions match the sudden unhappy moments with the song. As well as we observe the party choreography we can see almost everything he puts in the choreography. Their shows just raw feelings like, discomfort, sorrow, anger, sadness, and love. It can beautiful to see a dancer end up being so weak and drip their heart into these kinds of a beautiful tune. Ian Eastwood shows these kinds of passion and lots of emotions and can truly feel it, by watching and simply falling in the choreography. One more characteristic that Ian Eastwood does provides speed. Speed is a property that this young man has, for making all of his dance/choreography solid and highly effective. Ian reveals us every thing that we are looking for including rate. Speed is definitely one advantage that I appreciate watching him use the many, and I make an effort it although dancing since it shows that people can move just gradually but more upbeat and fast. I strongly feel that speed should be in our requirements of party. Also, Ian Eastwood's speed is beyond amazing. No words can explain how great this child is toward dancing. His agility in Ian_Eastwood Choreography| " fall" | @justinbieber is so good and cool, and his moves to the piece is just extraordinary. His flexibility is great because, he knows how to use his strength and stamina mentally and physically. Having great agility is difficult for most dancers, because they have to know when to use their very own agility pertaining to...