Curriculum Vitae

Katrina Williams

Address: 68 Generic Street Swindon Wilts SN2 2EW

Tel Mobile: 07889 851761

Email: [email protected] co. uk


I i am an experienced, passionate sales and management specialist with considerable learning and development experience, spanning around financial industries, having the ability to build good associations with buyers and staff to deliver sector leading outcomes.

summary of Qualifications

Education: Churchfields College (1993– 1998)

GCSE's English Literature British Language



•. Deliver internally training and development competence where there is usually significant competitive advantage. • Deliver learning for certain corporate programs. • Deliver Sales, Services and Regulatory training that meets the external requirements of FSA and inner needs of retail and compliance. • Meet decided standards of professional schooling delivery within a Training and Competence Scheme. • Keep expert understanding of fit to trade, Product sales, Service and regulatory training.


Country wide Building Contemporary society

Business overview:

Nationwide is the UK's leading mutual organisation, which means we are owned by and manage for the main benefit of our people. We offer a complete range of finance: savings, assets, insurance, mortgage loans, loans, pensions, credit cards and banking. With 3 mind offices and five call centres. Only merged with Portman Building Society. the other largest selling mortgage lender and the second greatest retail cost savings provider in the UK around 13 million users (nearly 12 million pre-merger) assets more than £160 billion (over £137 billion pre-merger) around nineteen, 000 workers (around 16, 000 pre-merger)over 900 stores giving associates access to a comprehensive network of branches and agencies (around 680 pre-merger) Job Explanation: Regulatory Sales and Support Trainer – HR Department 12/06/2006 – Present time


Sources: Available upon request.