Copy Of websites Scavenger Quest Essay

ScavengerВ HuntВ

1)В HaveВ oneВ groupВ memberВ openВ theВ link. В

2)В ClickВ FileВ > В MakeВ aВ CopyВ

3) Name the document ECS/P3/Scavenger Hunt/firstname lastname 4) Then share the document with all group members as can edit.  6) Share the document with your teacher:  ​

[email protected] usВ

DoВ notВ sendВ aВ message! В

5)В NowВ everyoneВ canВ typeВ responsesВ inВ toВ theВ listВ atВ theВ sameВ time. В В

Group Associates Names:

Roman Tyler Chris Bean Aiden Gutierrez Jeremiah Jose

Within your group, go surfing to find the pursuing items. For each and every item incorporate: The steps you took to get each item (how you got there/what you clicked). The web link or web link.

1 . A picture of the gran of your area or town. _mayor_susan_rohan-113. jpg? itok=94HRuUtE

Used google images.

2 . A bus schedule.

Googled tour bus schedules.

a few. The treat of the Step of Trade for your town or metropolis. =chrome. 1 . 69i57j0l2. 13045j0j8& sourceid=chrome& es_sm=93& ie=UTF-8& gws_rd=ssl& safe=strict Got of the front webpage of a search.

4. A map of the state—and you must point out exactly where your city or town is!,-121.4271493,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0 x808fb9fe5f285e3d: 0x8b5109a227086f55

5. A duplicate of the front side page of the town's or perhaps city's site.

researched " roseville”

6. Some thing in writing that tells who live in metropolis or net

found through the roseville internet site

7. An image of any historical landmark in the city

through roseville website

eight. A picture of the congressman

googled roseville congressman

on the lookout for. A program or perhaps flyer from a local disciplines event

two hundred fifity Г— 344 - sacramento365. com

google images...


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