Contribute to the progress children and young people Dissertation

Outcome 1 – Be able to contribute to examination of the advancement needs of kids and teenagers Outcome you – Manage to contribute to checks of the expansion needs of kids and teenagers (1. 1) Share the EYFS assessment records and observations along with your assessor Intended for confidentiality factors these records happen to be kept in the office in a locked cabinet. Assessor to confirm that observations are carried out in all areas of advancement

(1. 2) List different observation strategies and give and explanation showing how they are employed Diary: an everyday record tracking everything a child has done, typically shared with father and mother. Useful for babies and toddlers who can't talk yet. Anecdotal: Types you may not have experienced but father and mother have told you. Can be included in the child's records. Event sample: bed sheet is prepared with established columns electronic. g. period, situation, social group, etc . who jot down names and situations and developmental stages. Narrative strategies including working records: observer notices anything interesting and writes down what they observe happening then link it to a skill or a place of development. Used to keep an eye on child's progression.

(1. 3) Explain how you will support your observation/assessments in the children within your care (e. g. what do you need to consider when seeing children? ) Children can alter according to who they are with and whether they know they can be being watched so the kids should be observed in a range of situations e. g. to children, on their own or when they are with a grownup.

(1. 4) Once you have seen a child within your setting, how can you identify that you are able to meet the child's needs in the session? We could meet the kid's needs following observation with reflecting in children's hobbies and landscapes, with through play for youngsters in early years, providing obstacle and planning to be flexible.

Outcome 2 – Have the ability to support the introduction of children and young people (2. 2) Reveal your EYFS assessment data and findings with your assessor

For privacy reasons death records are kept in the office in a locked cupboard.

Assessor to confirm that observations happen to be carried out in every areas of expansion

(2. 3) How do you contribute to the evaluation of activities which have met the child's individual needs? You can assess an activity by deciding whether it was useful or the kids enjoyed it and whether or not they were appropriate. You can also evaluate an activity by judging in case the activity could possibly be repeated or adapted pertaining to other kids as it was interesting for them and worked well.

Result 3 – Know how to support children and young people suffering from transitions (3. 2) How do you support children going through the subsequent transitions?

Settling into a baby room for the first time

Function closely with parents. Motivate children to talk about where they used to get, allow the kid to have the perfect time to settle in, spend time with the child taking part in one-on-one activities, be honest so you gain trust.

Moving home

Operate closely with parents, be honest, be positive, learn more about where the child is going.

New sibling

Operate closely with parents, boost the comfort, be positive, let child to convey their emotions, reassure the kid, give kids time to speak about what is happening

Going out of your establishing to go to home

Practitioners will have to work closely together and share information about pros and cons, children have to meet the one who will be with them, your child needs to discover where they go, keep children involved.

Result 4 – Be able to support children and young peoples' positive behavior (4. 1) How does your setting inspire children and young householder's positive behaviour? My setting encourages children and youthful people's confident behaviour by developing confident relationships, hearing children and valuing all their opinions, offering a stimulating...


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