Consumer Bank in Pakistan Essay



Mirza Ali Huzaifa Sultan

Ghazanfar Ali Zardari

SZABIST Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi Campus

Grasp of Organization Administration (MBA)

Spring 2009

Advance Analysis Method: Analysis Report

Research Report on

" Problems and Opportunities in Consumer Banking: A Case Study on Bank Alfalah Limited, Karachi”

Prepared by:

Mirza Ali Huzaifa Sultan (0835113)

Ghazanfar Ali Zardari (0835108)

Supervised simply by:

Dr . Amanat Ali Jalbani

Submission Particular date:

April 16, 2009

SZABIST Karachi Grounds


Most praises and thanks are for Luminous ALLAH Who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom endowed to human beings and to the humanity in general for providing us the strength, courage and ability to work on this report and helping us inside the completion of this report. You want to appreciate Dr . Jalbani for his guidance and help throughout the survey.

We would also like to say thanks to all the individuals who helped us in the producing of this record specially normally the one gave all their precious time in conducting the interview program with us. Especially we would like to thanks every one of the staff of Bank Alfalah Limited whom we have contacted, without their particular suggestions and ideas this research survey would not be possible. We might also like to thanks each of the customers who have fill the questionnaire for people. The encouragement and assistance of our father and mother and good friends are also gratefully acknowledged.

The coming up students of SZABIST will discover this study report because guidance in providing them a new direction in the field of Research. In the end I would again thank to all the individuals who led us and gave all of us their time from their job.

Table of Contents


executive summaryVi

1 . Introduction1

1 . you Background of Study1

1 . 2 Problem Statement1

1 . 3 Analysis Objectives2

1 . 4 Conceptual/Theoretical Framework2

1 . 4. one particular Identification of Variables: two

1 . some. 2 Inventory of Parameters: 3

1 . 4. 3 Direction of Relationship: 3

1 . 5. 4 Description of the Relationship: 3

1 . 4. five Inventory of Proposition: some

1 . your five Research Methodology4

1 . your five. 1 Exploration Design4

1 . 5. a couple of Plan of Analysis4

1 ) 5. several Sampling Technique4

1 . a few. 4 Human population & Test Size5

1 . 5. a few Research Instruments5

1 . five. 6 Info Collection5

1 . 6 Scope of Study5

1 . several Justification from the Research5

1 ) 8 Limits of Study6

1 . on the lookout for Organization of Work6

installment payments on your Consumer Bank in General7

2 . one particular What is Customer Banking? several

2 . 2 Overview in Products of Consumer Banking7

2 . installment payments on your 1 Credit rating Cards7

installment payments on your 2 . two Auto Financing7

3. Client Banking in Pakistan8

several. 1 Buyer Banking in Pakistan8

several. 2 Influence of Credit Cards and Car Financing in Pakistan10 several. 3 Condition Bank's Control regarding Consumer Finance12 several. 3. 1 Prudential Polices on Credit rating Cards12

a few. 3. two Prudential Regulations on Vehicle Financing14

4. Consumer Banking: A Case about Bank Alfalah Ltd. 14

4. you Brief Launch on Financial institution Alfalah Limited and its Consumer Finance Products14 4. 1 . 1 Bank cards of Lender Alfalah Limited15

4. 1 . 2 Car Financing of Bank Alfalah Limited15

5. 2 Studies on Credit Cards16

four. 2 . one particular Findings on such basis as Customers16

4. 3. a couple of Findings on the basis of Management20

four. 3 Conclusions on Car Financing21

some. 3. you Findings on such basis as Customers21

four. 3. 2 Findings on the basis of Management24

a few. Conclusion & Recommendations25

a few. 1 Bottom line of the Result25

5. 2 Recommendations26





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