Essay on Comparing Two Short Stories -My Brother’s Keeper is to do Angels Have on

Comparative evaluation of two stories: " My brother's keeper " " is to do angels use brassieres? "

The two short stories i am contrasting are " My brother's keeper" simply by Geoffrey

Philp and " Carry out angels have on brassieres? " by Olive Senior. " My brother's keeper" spoken

regarding history, race, identity, friendship, family, age group, motherhood and sexuality and exactly how

they can be defined about cultural and traditional positions. It is about a young man named

Paul and his account of the alterations he had dealing with a stage brother this individual did

not really know existed until the first day the young man showed up at their door. His step-

brother's name was David and having been coming from America where he was lived with

his mother and father until their death. " Do angels wear brassieres? " is about little girl

named Beccka's quest for knowledge and what she was required to go through being a teenager living

with two females in one house. From this story I saw the human relationships among friends and family,

camaraderie, motherhood, tone, tradition, racial and how these fit into the identity from the

specific in addition for their gender, age and sexuality.

Although " My brother's keeper" and " Carry out angels wear brassieres? " were written

by two diverse authors, they'd a lot in accordance. Both of them had been set in

the island country of Discovery bay, jamaica and had been about sole families. From the beginning, the

narrator in " My own brother's keep" had anger in his tone of voice. His anger was toward this new

boy entering his life. But that anger can become compassion by the end of the account.

" Do angels wear brassieres? " as well had colors of anger throughout the account coming from

different people at different moments towards Beccka. Relating this to the family members, I saw just how

era marginalized human relationships in and outside of the family members. Even though Beccka sounded

intelligent, the lady was not permitted to voice her thought since she was obviously a В‘child'.

Equally stories are similar...


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