Condoms vs . Contraceptive

Jasmine Williams


March 21, 2012

Natalie Dougall

For making the decision for being sexually effective there are two major points that need to be considered; how am I going to shield myself from disease and pregnancy. This is how condoms and birth control enter into play. Although condoms and birth control talk about many of the same functions they may be different in many ways. Often time people confuse the features of the two and how they will work. Though condoms and birth control are both ways to prevent pregnancy, that they both act as functions over and above that several similar and a few alike. Here are some interesting facts about the two as well as the ways in which they will work.

A condom is a flexible sheath, usually made of thin plastic or acrylic designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse to get contraceptive functions or as a method of preventing sexually sent diseases. You will find condoms for women as well that is used by putting it into the vagina. Wearing condoms will not provide a totally guarantee that you may not get pregnant or perhaps receive sexually transmitted illnesses; in fact condoms are only regarding 98% powerful. If utilized correctly condoms can prevent the passage of semen to the vaginal cacera. Condoms even so are mainly accustomed to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease. Condoms also come in diverse textures to stop allergic reactions. One example is when purchasing condoms you might see acrylic and non-latex. This provides range, safety, and comfort during sexual intercourse.

Alternatively birth control is a use of any kind of practices, methods, or gadgets to prevent pregnancy from developing in a sexually active woman. Birth control can be used to prevent a fertilized egg in the womb. Birth control and condoms are exactly the same in that they are both used to prevent pregnancy. Contraceptive however would not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control can be purchased in many forms such as pills, patches, and devices...