Coke No Behavior Purpose Essay

Table of Content

Phase 14


Background of the problem5

Analysis Question6

Target of the research6

Chapter two: Literature review7

Secondary data study7

Behavioral Intention7

Brand Loyalty10

Product Feature11


Social Trend14

Conceptual Framework15

Research Hypotheses16

Chapter a few: Methodology17

Sort of research17

Research Design17

Educational Studies17

Detailed Research18

Problem Discovery and Definition18

Planning Research Design18

Sampling Plan18

Data Collection18

Data Processing and Analysis18

Conclusion and Report18

Inhabitants, Sample & Sampling18

Study Tool (Questionnaire) Development19

Info Collection Method22

Type of Disovery Research22

Secondary Data22

Detailed Research22

Section 4: Data Analysis and Results25

Test Profile25

Detailed Statistics26

Frequency Table26

Frequency Table27

Get ranking Calculation28

Backup Table29

Regularity Table29

Multiple Responses Table30

Mean Calculation31

Mean Calculation31

Hypothesis Testing32

Main Hypothesis Testing32

Substitute Hypothesis36

Part 5: Realization and Recommendation46

Discussion of Study Results46




Table of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Beloved Drink26

Number 2: Favorite Soft Drink Brand27

Table 1: Sample Profile25

Table a couple of: Favorite Drink26

Table several: Favorite Soft Drink Brand27

Desk 4: Significance of Criteria28

Table 5: Calorie consumption Concern * Gender Crosstabulation29

Table six: Coke Zero Recognition29

Desk 7: Media30

Table 8: Times Consuming Coke No within last week31

Desk 9: Mean and Common Deviation coming from each Construct31

Table twelve: Hypothesis 1-132

Table 14: Hypothesis 1-232

Table 12: Hypothesis 1-333

Table 13: Hypothesis 2-134

Table 16: Hypothesis 2-234

Table 15: Hypothesis 2-335

Table sixteen: Hypothesis 3-136

Table 18: Hypothesis 3-236

Table 18: Hypothesis 4-137

Table 19: Hypothesis 4-238

Table 20: Hypothesis 5-139

Table 21: Hypothesis 5-239

Table 22: Hypothesis 5-340

Table 23: Hypothesis 5-440

Table twenty-four: Hypothesis 5-540

Table twenty-five: Hypothesis 5-641

Table 21: Hypothesis 6-142

Table twenty-seven: Hypothesis 6-242

Table twenty eight: Hypothesis 7-143

Table up to 29: Hypothesis 7-243

Table 35: Hypothesis 8-144

Table 23: Hypothesis 8-244

Table 32: Hypothesis 9-145

Table 33: Hypothesis 9-245


The purposes of this study should be identify and examine what factors affect behavioral purpose on Cola Zero in term of word of mouth and buy intention and exactly how each individual factor related to behavioral intention. The factors we can come up are manufacturer loyalty, item feature, marketing, and social trend and that we treat each one of these factors because independent variables against the dependent variables, buy intention and word of mouth.

For the business analysis, we focus on Problem Identification, which included Literature review, Meaning of purchase objective, word of mouth and factors that affect obtain intention and word of mouth. We discover the reasons and how Coke Actually zero product availability has an impact to upon Purchase objective and person to person. We find organization background and situational analysis exploration in title of behavioral intention (purchase intention and word of mouth) of Coke Zero. Our target population is people who reside in Bangkok.

The result of the research is Word of mouth marketing of Cola Zero may be predicted simply by Social Craze, and Manufacturer Loyalty, organize from the many influence aspect, not Product Feature and Advertising. Obtain Intention of Coke No can be believed by Sociable Trend, Manufacturer Loyalty, and Product Feature, arrange from the most impact factor, certainly not Advertising. The level of Word of Mouth and Purchase Intention is significantly...



Behavioral Intention

Purchase Intention

Word of Mouth

Cultural Trend



Item Feature

Company Loyalty


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