Executive brief summary

Café Vancouver is a new coffee shop at Granville and Robson Avenue in Vancouver Downtown. The hustle and bustle of downtown need a quiet, active life make people feel worn out, we want each of our customers to relax while experiencing a espresso. Café Vancouver's team could make the best efforts to create a one of a kind place where customers can get together with the other person in a comfortable and calming environment although enjoying the best-brewed coffee or coffee and lunch break style snacks in town. We will be in the business of helping the customers to ease their daily stresses by providing peace of mind through great atmosphere, convenient place, friendly customer satisfaction, and items of consistently high quality. We all welcome guests of all ages; we can guarantee every guest to relish high-quality coffee. Vancouver Down-town has many firms, offices and shopping centers, using a strong customer base and earnings opportunities. In the mean time, 365 days 12 months we may have no holiday break leave, to ensure that we have chance to serve friends at any time. We all also have a practical management team. Head may be the General Director; he contains a degree in Economics from your Russian Japanese University, and has more than six years of experience in business operations. He is the general administrator, and a restaurant investor. Team1 supervisor is Supervisor1 with four many years of broad experience working for coffee shops and restaurant industry. Team2 supervisor is Supervisor2; he has 2 years of experience in the cafe industry. We provide training for approximately three months, which include company traditions, coffee preparing, food safety, and so on. Almost all employees of our company will be well-trained and enthusiastic pemandu. The budget of the firm is essential to produce the company's economical data, which include investment, net profit and so forth. After the financial position and earnings assessment, in three years of operation, we expect to have income of about 818, 700 dollars (net earnings after tax), with common annual net profit of 272, 900 dollars gives adequate funding for the company. Compared with additional coffee brands in the industry, we expect to expand faster. Inside the long-term, all of us will consider opening new cafes in various locations throughout Canada. The Company and Sector

Business desired goals

Caffeine is more than the usual beverage; yet , it is a storage, anticipation, and a lifetime of consoling occasions of moderate pleasure stiched into our lives. Coffee's achievement as a drink undoubtedly is in debt for both towards the caffeine that harbors and also to its physical pleasure. Caffeine lovers come to affiliate the energizing lift in the caffeine with all the richness and aroma of the beverage that delivers this. Our Organization goal is definitely " to generate our clients return to the simple concept of espresso, quietly enjoying every mug of coffee. " Our company is planning to open up two stores in the Vancouver area within three years.

The company

Mission statement

" We want the customers to come back to the simple concept of coffee, silently enjoying just about every cup of coffee. "

Vision Declaration

" To grow the business enterprise and shield the fast development of the enterprise. ”�

The Industry

Although Canada will not have the correct climate to get growing caffeine, Canadian-based organizations do transfer raw materials intended for processing and resale in domestic and export markets. Coffee manufactured for selling and Meals service market segments has been an essential part of food and drink processing in the area for many years. Coffee is the most well-liked hot beverage in Canada with a total of 14 billion cups consumed annually. Around 64% of Canadians beverage coffee each day, which is corresponding to 6. 8 kilograms of green espresso or doze. 7 pounds of roasting coffee every head, with 86% of adult espresso drinkers eating the drink in the morning or perhaps for breakfast. In-home continues to be the dominant place for intake with just over half of Canadian consumers (51%) drinking coffee at home. Between adult espresso drinkers, the...

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