There are numerous opinions regarding the relationship among happiness and productivity. But does staff happiness influence his or her overall performance thus elevating productivity? Very well that was not proven and there usually are any studies proving that happiness has effect on productivity. " In addition , even though not any clear described theoretical reason for a task satisfaction-performance connection, over time, this kind of supposed happy-productive worker thesis came to be viewed as fact simply by many" (Wright et ing., 2002). But before discussing this matter deeply, it is necessary to really know what is meant by simply productivity and job pleasure. Productivity is known as a performance assess that includes success and efficiency and work satisfaction is a general attitude (not a behavior) toward one's task; a positive a sense of one's work resulting from an assessment of their characteristics. (Robbins et 's., 2007) The goal of this article is to prove the relationship between employee's happiness and productivity and check if happy employees are more effective or not. This article will start with job pleasure and motivation and what leads to these people followed by reveal discussion regarding the relationship between job satisfaction and production.

Work Satisfaction and Motivation

Job satisfaction is extremely related with joy and even they can be looked while different titles for the same point. People have many expectations from their works which has to be achieved in order to be content with their operate which will make them happy such as getting paid, self esteem, fulfillment and interpersonal contact. Competitive salaries and benefits, versatility in operating hours and recognition programs can enjoy a very useful function in helping worker to find job satisfaction that they are seeking for in their work. Coming from an employee's point of view a good job is the one that pays a whole lot, provides the chance for growth, to use skills and knowledge that they may have and provides a socialized environment for them. Additionally, in some cases, the key value which makes employees experience happy, protect and fruitful in the workplace is a respect that they can get from their colleagues and supervisors. " Studies likewise find that staff satisfaction is definitely increased when the immediate manager is understanding and friendly, offers reward for good functionality, listens to employee's opinions, and shows a personal involvement in them. " (Robbins ainsi que al., 2007) Furthermore, task satisfaction is often influenced by simply age, education level of automobile himself and the social environment surrounding them. " Analysis on happiness shows that cultural relationships with friends and others are probably the most important cause of joy and happiness" (Griffin, 1986).

In Maslow's pecking order of requirements, he segregated the basic and advanced requires of employees which the two result in motivating the employees. He stated the fact that lower-end needs that are satisfied externally; physiological and security needs. In addition, Higher-Order Needs that are happy internally; sociable, esteem, and self-actualization requires. (Robbins et al., 2007)

McClelland's in his Theory of Needs stated that there are three simple needs that needs to be fulfilled to be able to motivate personnel. " Requirement for achievement: the drive to excel, to achieve in relation to some standards, to strive to do well. Need for association: the desire intended for friendly and close personal relationships. Requirement for Power: the necessity to make others behave in a way that they would not have behaved otherwise. " (Robbins et ing., 2007)

You will discover three main features which affects functionality and those happen to be ability, option and motivation. But mostly is determination which has wonderful effect on performance. There are different facets of work satisfaction that happen to be positive and negative factors as Herzberg defined all of them and it is required for distinguish between them. " Confident satisfaction is caused by good experiences, and that...