Is Jeffrey Immelt unethical

Carlos Anthony Ramon

MGMT 5305 Firm Theory

Wayland Baptist College or university

MGMT 5305_VC03 Winter, 2013

" In GE, the sole things that move the culture will be ones that show up in our income assertion. It's just the way we were raised. ” -Jeff Immelt


The tenure of Jeff Immelt as CEO of Basic Electric have been nothing in short supply of interesting. With accusations of unethical procedures by his firm (allegations of cooking food their books), along with unethical negotiations domestically just like his appointment in the Obama administration after being one of its biggest campaign contributing factors (Int. Ref. #4), and internationally coping with countries like Iran and Syria by the company (Int. Ref. #2), one are unable to overlook GE's current lifestyle that has been structured on Immelt and draw affordable conclusions. Here we will look at the CEO and the traditions he provides put forth although company seeing that his session in 2001. Major Problems

The culture established by Immelt is noticeable by the preliminary quote that is certainly presented. By saying this kind of, he has let it seen to not just outsiders, but his workforce that the firm's key focus may be the " underlying part line”. This may, and features in a way generated a dysfunctional culture for GE because reflected in certain cases of fraudulent accusations of activities by his employee to get to certain goals. An argument can be made for and " adaptive” culture in this way that the business environment has evolved in a dramatic way as Immelt has taken over only because of the method the company has received to position itself in regards to these changes. But since far while the overall lifestyle has gone and cases which may have arose during Immelt's tenure, a unable to start culture can be described as more appropriate analysis at the moment. Claims of unethical practices...

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