Laurie Alva

American Public School

POLS 210

December 40, 2012

Professor Richards

How a Bill turns into a Law

A Bill becomes law when somebody in the House would like to see a better America. The bill is supposed to benefit most of the American people. There are many steps that require to happen before a bill turns into law. The first thing is to get a Senator to sponsor the bill. This can are derived from several different groupings. According to mention House Head to Office, " This could be an original idea, or perhaps it could come as a suggestion by a constituent, an interest group, a public Official or maybe the Governor. ” (2001) The 2nd step is to become the LSAENGINE to write the bill in correct form. After that, it may or may not be called to the initially reading. If the bill is known as, it is go through in the house it original originated from. If the invoice gets called it is designated to the correct committee. If the bill will not get referred to as it will perish. Then, if the bill advancements, the person who have introduced the check will have a change to give a speech and voice it is option about it. After this hearing, it the check is too voted on, or it could be tabled. According to the Condition House Tour Office, " If the invoice is tabled, it may can come back for any vote. If it does not return for A vote, the bill " dies”. (2001)

If the panel decides to progress the bill will probably be sent back for the original home for review. The representatives only have 2 days to review the bill; if they do not it will perish. Then the Step leadership could have second studying on the invoice to see if amendments are required. If they are necessary, they will will want the majority of the ballots to pass. Then after the variation the bill needs to go through a vote around the bill again. At this time the bill could perish or progress. Then we have a third browsing of the costs. Once again they could or may not phone the bill to be read to get a third time. If the can is not called again it will perish. If it is known as they even now can make...

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