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Case Study

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Bottom line

Abhisaz. com

‡ Abhisaz. com proceeded to go public in 2003.

‡ 2004, Product sales increased to 2 . 06m INR.

‡ Overall increase of 140% as beat 2003.

‡ Abhisaz͛s Databases constitutes 60, 000 diamonds,

Inventory net worth of 350m INR.

‡ Currently two hundred fifty, 000 INR overhead, and business is on

breakeven point.

Summary of Case Study

‡ Suraj Bhai, currently an entrepreneur moved

by Surat to Delhi in 1985.

‡ Started work on jewelry shop.

‡ Precious stone Grading Recognition from Gemological


‡ Opened his own earrings shop in 1997.


‡ First Shortfalls.

‡ 1998, went online; located his initial dealer.

‡ First three or more month proceeds 200, 000 INR.

‡ Strived his way as an intermediary.

Who is a business owner?

‡ A business person is an individual who owns a

firm, business, or endeavor, and is accountable

for its advancement.

‡ Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting a

start up business or refreshing an existing business,

in order to capitalize on new found

opportunities. (paggu. com)

Qualities of Entrepreneur

‡ Extraversion vs . Introversion

o Business owners are at the top of extraversion (Shane


‡ Openness to see

o Research confirms positive association between

openness to see and likelihood of being an

entrepreneur. (Zhao and Seibert, 2006)

‡ Agreeableness

o Negative association among agreeableness and

odds of as an entrepreneur. (Zhao and Seibert,


‡ Conscientiousness

o Entrepreneurs have to be high on

conscientiousness since they need to be organized

and deliberate to accomplish their goals (Barrick and

Mount, 1991. Nicolaou et al. 2008)

‡ Psychological Stability

o People who are psychologically stable are more likely

to start their own businesses than people who are...