Testing the Effectiveness of Commercial structured Antacids


The purpose of this lab is to identify, by assessment several mixed commercial antacid solutions, that may best neutralize acid and it is the most effective intended for heartburn. Hypothesis:

If all different types of Antacid were analyzed and neutralized with the Hydrochloric acid, then your one that could be the most effective antacid would be the TUM's Ultra Power Calcium since it is larger also because it is Super Strength, it should be more effective. Materials

•Compliment Extra Strength Antacid Tablet


•Life Ultra Power Calcium Antacid Tablet


•Thymol Blue

•Mortar and Pestle


•pH probe


•Retort Stand


•Hydrochloric Acid(HCl)

•Distilled Normal water

•pH four solution


1 . Each of the materials had been gathered/assembled.

2 . The grip was guaranteed onto the Retort stand,

3. The pH probe was then mounted on the grip and secured tightly 4. With the ph level 4 remedy, the ph level probe was calibrated properly according to SNC2D0 standards 5. One particular antacid tablet was weighed with the size and the end result was recorded 6. Step 5 was repeated to get the other two antacid tablet brands used. several. Once every single tablet was weighed, these people were then crushed and grinded with the mortar and pestle and each put in their particular beaker eight. 25 Millilitres of distilled water was then added to each beaker and stirred gentle until a milky solution was made 9. 1 solution with the antacid's was taken to the Tort stand and the ph level probe was lowered into the solution 15. 4-6 Drops of Thymol Blue was put into the perfect solution with the pipette, or as many drops was needed to indicate a color change. 14. As indicated on the ph level probe, the pH from the solution was recorded down doze. Using the pipette, Hydrochloric Chemical p was accumulated; inside the pipette 13. Individual drops of the Hydrochloric acid were in that case added, each drop added was recorded on the table 14. At the same time as the drops added, the solution was continually stirred with the stirrer 15. Drops of HCl were put into the solution before the pH documented by the ph level probe says 2 or maybe the solution is clear red. 16. The number of drops added had been recorded on the table

17. Measures 9-16 were then repeated with the other two solutions of Antacids Observations

Table 1: TUM's Ultra Strength reactions to Hydrochloric Acid solution Drops

Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations

Before adding of Hydrochloric acid6. 8 pHOrange, milky, maussade 25 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. your five pHGrainy, Funeste, white

50 Drops of Hydrochloric acid4. 5 pHFizzing, coarse, opaque, white-colored 75 Drops of Hydrochloric acid4. you pHFizzing, coarse, opaque, white 100 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. being unfaithful pHSlight embrace clarity, fizzing more, fewer grainy 125 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 4 pHLess grainy, fewer white, fizzing less a hundred and fifty Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 4 pHTranslucent, fizzing much less 158 Drops of Hydrochloric acid1. almost 8 pHClear, clear, grains in the bottom, stopped fizzing, slightly red

Table two: Life Ultra Strength Reactions to Hydrochloric Acid drops

Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations

Prior to adding of Hydrochloric acid8. 8 pHMushy, translucent, white 25 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 5 pHOpaque, white-colored, slight discolored 50 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 0 pHPrecipitate forming, white, milky 75 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 6th pHPrecipitate even more visible, solid, white, 100 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 7 pHSolid separating by liquid 125 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 4 pHSlight pink in color, translucent 7liquid 150 Drops of Hydrochloric acid1. 8 pHPink shade in color, sound separated and top of liquid, Gaseous smell coming Table 3: Compliments Extra Strength a reaction to Hydrochloric Acidity drops

Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations

Ahead of adding of Hydrochloric acid7. 9 pHGreen, grainy, hues at the bottom, opaque 25 Drops of...