Target Market

American Attire promotes a provocative, physical, natural, appealing look. Consider with the trend they have attained the attention with the younger technology. " The provocative, true, unpretentious visual has hit a chord with present young trendsetters, and provides drawn all of us an extremely loyal following” meaning you can actually target market targets the younger generation, getting older from young adults to fresh individuals (aged 18 – 25) while seen in their particular advertisements under. We believe American Apparel will be targeting the two male and feminine consumers in their youth and searching for informal " sexy” clothing. The style company has caught the public's vision in many ways and caused a great immense volume of controversy, American Clothes represent this kind of controversy through their clothing and therefore draws in the junior of today who wish to stand out and make a way statement. A write-up on Automobile Straddle wondered, " Can be American Apparel's target market individuals that pretend to care, nevertheless don't? ” (, 2011)


This particular ad caused many problems with the population as it is incredibly controversial; individuals were beginning to talk about American Clothing sexual way of advertising. A few older people imagine this type of marketing is horrible and bluff to females. Although, this negative opinion of American Clothes was still publicity as the business became popular and very well-liked, it was the " hot” topic for everybody. Individuals were starting to know more and more regarding American Apparel and browse around the stores; small women had been interested in the clothing, as they planned to look " sexy” and eye catching like the models inside the advertisements'. This type of intimate advertising has become so typical to all of us consumers because, it is all around us in magazines, television set and on cards in fashion shops. Teenagers are choosing to dress in several products to improve their assurance and " fit in” with the...