Algebra 2 Winter Break Homework Assignment

Today in the lecture you received the results of your practice Explore check as well as your practice placement test. You were given the Answer Key to get the practice placement test.

In order to assist you to better get ready for both the Cumulative Exam as well as the actual Stevenson placement exam, you are being assigned the following groundwork over winter break.

In Schoology you can find a review supply covering all the material we now have learned considering that the beginning of the season. Within this assessment packet, I have selected 55 problems (they are the circled problems! ) for you to complete and turn in on Mon, January 7th when you returning from winter months break. This packet also contains the strategies to these 60 problems which means you will be able to check your answers as you may work on these people.

Assignment: 50 problems for reviewing packet

Due: Monday, January 7th

|Chap. 1 Concerns |Chap. two Problems |Chap. 3 Problems |Chap. four Problems |Chap. 5 Complications |Cumulative Assessment | |4, 6, eight, 15, 20, 21, dua puluh enam, |1, six, 20, 24, 25, 21, 30, |4, 7, 18, 19, twenty-two, 23, 27 |2, three or more, 4, 6, 10, eleven, 12, |5, 10, 16, 21, twenty-four, 26, |1, 6, six, 10, eleven, 15, 20, | |28 |33 | |20, 23, 27 |32, 34, 39 |21

Optional Function:

If you wish to examine for your exams beyond the necessary 50 problems, here are some recommendations for you.

1 . Finish any additional complications in the assessment packet which can be similar to the kinds you want to focus on. The solutions for these trouble is also included inside the packet. installment payments on your Retake the practice test out that we did in class. Because you have the answer key it is possible to check the answers. 3. Specifically work with the problems in the categories that you scored the minimum in based on the test effects you received. For example , if you scored the minimum in the...