Unit 3 Assignment

Feb 1, 2015

Amy Koontz-Mikel

1 . Illustrate Jim's self-concept.

Rick has a low self-esteem. His self-concept can be not very a lot of himself. This individual doesn't think that he has got the potential to do any better than he is doing at this time. That might be he will hardly ever live up to his father's suitable image of him. 2 . Make clear, using illustrations from the video and training course concepts, how Jim's self-concept impacted his interaction with his father. Was it positive or bad? When Jim's father told him that he paid out his own way but still was a person in a fraternity and that what Jim was doing just basically was not good enough, it might have made Jim feel even more difficult about him self. I believe this can be an example of a significant attributional mistakes. Blaming other folks or the environment for the final results of the alternatives made. It was definitely a negative interaction intended for Jim. three or more. Explain, applying examples in the video and course ideas, how the father's self-concept affected his interaction with Sean. Was it positive or perhaps negative? The father's self-concept is very a lot of himself and low of Jim's.. In the event that he would have got worded it or got into contact with Jim in different ways, it could experienced a different result. Instead of bringing him down, he could have built him up and brought up the positives in Jim's lifestyle, not just " bashing” him. It was confident for Jim's father 5. Apply the perception, starting on p. 64 to describe the discussion between Jim and his daddy. Selection-What is very important to Jim's father basically as vital that you Jim. Find out what is essential. Organization- I think Jim's father wants him to receive his self-concept higher and do better pertaining to himself. Arranged bigger goals. Figure out why Jim's father would like these things for him and why he feels this way. Interpretation-Jim can be assuming his father is saying these things for some reason, when it really is for a distinct reason. five. Offer two tips for Jim and...

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