Week 7

Corrosivo Woods Old age Community

1 . What are several potential legal and honest issues present in this case analyze?

The potential legal problems are Mark did not utilize the money the way in which he was supposed to, he taken away vital regions of the pool project and did not justify why things such as non-skid pads on the stairways or wheelchair accessibility has not been provided, this stuff were budgeted for however Mark made the decision against setting up them. Draw failed to keep himself given the task of the money for the project, he neither will say where the funds is or returned it to the right accounting system (no paper work=no daily news trail), the question of misappropriation of cash is inescapable. Mark slice cost upon safe guards for the retirement center, therefore the residents, who he could be supposed to care for are placed in harm's way, accidents certainly are a result along with likely deaths. I think that because he is so negligent HIPAA (Health Insurance Transportability Accountability Act) as well as OSHA (Occupational Basic safety Health Administration) should get involved. Mark can be ethically immature and has not stood company on the objective of the Acre Woods Retirement living Community. Last but not least Sarah mainly because she was removed from her position features legal alternative; it is against the law to remove an individual from a position because another person kisses the leaders booty better.

2 . How would you characterize the director's patterns?

Mark can be arrogant and has not looked after his responsibility; he is the poor example of a bully. Mark bullied Sarah and still did not get the away along with his deceptive habit.

Is the representative an moral role version? Why or perhaps why not

Yes, if you want to learn how never to live up to the typical for dealing with people, getting accountable, upholding the quest of the business, or in making the residents of the retirement living community think safe and supported and getting the required therapy safely and securely.

3. Were the director's messages congruent with the company stated quest? Explain the...