America can be described as land of diversity. Many different people and cultures makes a unique country, and some will argue that is why so many immigrants come here. Of the 6, 912 living languages in the world today, you will find 311 languages currently through this nation (Robinson). Because there are a lot of languages and cultures in this article, the mixture of languages is likely to happen. Terminology is the ways of communication between one person and another. While others would believe foreign dialects have diluted the chastity of American British, I believe British was by no means a genuine language in the first place, and the dilution of it offers occurred in days gone by and is inevitable because America is a nation of foreign nationals. Before all of us even consider blaming different languages to get diluting American English, we need to ask yourself a question; you can call American English natural? British The english language is derived from French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, and many other languages (Harper). When the colonists came below, they helped bring with all of them their things, their theories, their foodstuff, their traditions, and most importantly their language. English was your major terminology, but there was a significant volume of others, just like German, Russian, Irish, and others. American The english language is the reaction to all of these different languages mixing with each other. Now, how could you call a language that was based on other 'languages' pure? Many commonly used British words originated from other languages; some examples with this are: tea originated from China, hamburger coming from German, storage area from People from france, and viscous syrup from Arabic (Harper). An additional aspect of American English that goes against the idea that it is natural is the various dialects than it. A dialect is a range in a dialect based on the region. Some of the many different dialects of American English are New York British, Coastal The southern area of English, Dark-colored English and others (Vajda). Today, how can American English always be called a " pure" language when it a unique country, it truly is divided...

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