An Exploration of Gender Inequality in School Action by Lois Jenson

An Exploration of Gender Inequality in Category Action by Lois Jenson

Class Actions is biographical profile of the struggles of Lois Jenson, an individual mother with a tough start who found her approach into a sinister work place that pushed her to the ends of her patience also to the heights of courage and persistence. The story begins with some background information regarding Lois, including how she had a kid out of rape, another kid out of a broken relationship whom she finally had to put on for adoption. The majority of the account describes LoisРІР‚в„ўs time put in at Eveleth Mines. At the mines, she and several other girls were sexually harassed continuously, with multiple explicit references to sexual works displayed in various ways, which range from graffiti to imitative human body movements expressed by the men. There have been instances of stalking, not merely at the work place, but also outside in the city where some women of all ages were followed home by males with sexual intentions. After a while doing work at the mine, Lois was finally pushed to the limit of what she could endure, and she started to get legal actions against the mining business and the persons involved in higher up operations. She had an exceptionally difficult time gaining support from her peers, particularly a lot


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