An Analysis of the life span and Function of Agatha Christie, an English Mystery Novel Writer

An Analysis of the life span and Function of Agatha Christie, an English Mystery Novel Writer

Agatha Christie was born 1890 in Torquay, Devon, England, and educated in the home by her mother. Her dad was known as Frederick Miller hence she was created as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller. In 1914 she wedded Colonel Archibald Christie, but World Battle I had damaged out. Agatha worked well as a nurse in a Crimson Cross hospital in Torquay in those days and that experience would be useful down the road in her life.

Her first book released in 1920, The Mysterious Affair at Models. There, readers achieved Hercule Poirot, the eccentric Belgian detective with funny-looking moustache.

But Agatha s books first attracted focus in 1926 when she published The Murder of Roger Ackroyd witch started to be published 3 x both 1945, 1971 and in 1984. Agatha manufactured media herself when she disappeared for some days after her husband desired a divorce (she was before long found to be staying in a resort under an alias). She and Archibald divorced in 1928 (he passed away in 1962). When she was around 40 she continued a holiday and visited e.g. Iraq where she met small archaeologist Max Mallowan, who was 14 years youthful. They married in 1930 and Agatha Christie became Agatha Christie Mallowan.

During World Battle II Agatha proved helpful in the dispensary of a University Collage Hospital in London. She frequently assisted her partner on excavation, e.g. in Iraq and Syria. Agatha gets the most spectacularly career of all best noted writers. She wrote practically seventy novels and greater than a hundred short tales. Her most well-known characters are Hercule Poirot and


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